At Total Business Consultancy, we consider it our privilege to assist clients in strategising their businesses, as well as providing initiatives to cross sector industrial problems. We do so by diagnosing and implementing their business success factors, such as effective integration of resources, coherent methodology, as well as a thorough, systematic and disciplined approach in defining business objectives.

We provide business advice and support clients through every aspect of a transaction in an integrated manner. It helps companies to make acquisitions, divestments and strategic alliances. We are also in the debt resolution business. Our team of professionals assist financial institutions and companies to resolve their debt problems through conventional restructuring, financial monitoring, receivership and liquidation, as well as through newer resolution mechanisms of NPL sale and asset divestment.

  1. Debt Management
  2. Business and Estate Succession Planning
  3. Employee and Pensions Plan
  4. Agency Strategy
  5. Personal Strategy
  6. Personal Coaching Programme

Forensics and Litigation Support Unit

Corporate fraud is a worldwide threat, which shows no signs of abatement. Its impact is far reaching and not limited to loss of assets or money. Fraud wreaks havoc on a company’s reputation, necessitates higher regulatory oversight and distracts management from daily operations. You require our services if you are:

  1. Concerned about possible fraud, theft or corruption in your organisation
  2. Discovering significant accounting irregularities
  3. Experiencing business failure with no obvious indication to why it is happening
  4. Looking for an independent party to conduct an impartial investigation
  5. Curious about the steps to take if fraud or irregularities are discovered in your company
  6. Looking to improve corporate governance and ethics in your organisation.
  7. Keen on investigating allegations from an anonymous whistle-blower.
  8. Looking for an expert to investigate and provide testimony to support your case.
  9. In posession of a suspicious computer that needs to be imaged to ensure the integrity of its data.

Aside from the consultancy services stated above, Total Business Consultancy also provides courses for management teams and business owners. The courses are designed to keep businesses ahead of new challenges and to equip you with practical knowledge and skills to manage and grow your business. The course modules include various areas of business strategy, taxation, management accounting, corporate law, human resource management, business marketing, mergers and acquisition strategy, corporate risk management, business financing & strategy and operational fitness tests.

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