In the modern business environment, high quality tax advice and planning can give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

Tax Services which are designed to apply the most cost-effective business strategies. With our extensive industry knowledge and an international network of professionals throughout the globe, we are committed to delivering this on a global basis and surpassing even your highest expectations.

The following is a summary of our Tax Services offerings:-


1.Business Tax Services

a) Corporate and Business Tax Consulting

b) Corporate and Business Tax Compliance

c) Merger and Acquisition and Reorganization Services

d)Employment Compensation and Benefits



2.Stamp Duty, Exchange Controls and Real
Property Gains Tax Services

a)  Stamp Duty

b)Exchange Controls

c) Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT)


3.Personal Taxation Services

a)Personal Tax Consulting

b)Personal Tax Compliance

c)Work Permit Issues


4.Specialist Taxation Services

a)Inheritance Tax

b)Tax Audits