iTax CD cover


iTax is an automated tool that links your assets and monthly installments to your personal tax file. With just a click of a button, your financial test report would be generated instantly. It will automatically link and cross checked your taxable sources and non taxable sources, thus reducing the element of human errors to the minimal.

In addition, iTax will be able to maintain your properties movement (cash, share, landed property, motor vehicle and etc) from year to year basis. This feature will greatly shorten up your time to search the details of the property for example, when it is purchased or disposed.

The application of iTax is user-friendly and prepares you for calculating the right amount of the installment deposit and efficient scheduling of your assets prepayment duration.


Key features of iTax:

  1. Your asset vs. liabilities statements in a readable format.
  2. A well-planned financial strategy for cost savings of interest and ultimately giving you an advantage on your bottom line.
  3. Free up your cash flow.
  4. Mitigate your tax liabilities/offences when your investments is being pursued by tax authorities.