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Dato’ Dr. Ben Ng has over 20 years of hands-on experience as a visionary, strategic planner and industry leader. Due to his vast knowledge and experience in the fields of company taxation and company law, today he is renowned in the industry as a Business Strategy Advisor.

His experience is complimented by his academic achievements, namely an Accounting and Finance Degree from Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland; a Master's Degree in Financial Planning from the Phoenix International University, New Zealand; and a Doctorate of Business Administration from the Golden State University, United States.

Currently, he is actively involved in numerous industry-related associations and is recognised in the following roles:
• Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM), Member
• Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries (MACS), Member
• Ministry of Human Resource, Certified Speaker
• Golden State University, Visiting Professor
• Total Business Academy, Speaker
• 亚洲企业论坛Business of Asia Forum, Annual Special Guest Speaker

Besides running a number of successful businesses and fulfilling his role in various associations, he is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. Over the past two decades, Dato’ Dr. Ben Ng has delivered hundreds of talks at numerous regional events and seminars across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and other ASEAN countries.

Speaking on subjects ranging from company law to risk management, some of the topics he has covered include "Enterprises that last for generations” and “Bankruptcy and Tax management.” To date, his expertise in business consultancy has helped more than 8,000 entrepreneurs to re-strategise their business models and build solid business structures that can withstand market challenges. Through his speaking engagements, he continues to inspire thousands of SMEs and management teams from listed companies.

Though he has established a highly-successful career for himself, he is not one to rest on his laurels. In addition to his gift for public speaking, Dato Dr Ben Ng also has a passion for writing. He has authored several books that educate entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals on company law, taxation planning and business strategy. Among his published works are:

• 《从业务人员到财务顾问》From sales personnel to financial consultant, 2003
• 《你也犯太税?》Having problems with taxation? 2010
• 《你税醒了没有?》Have you realised the taxation mistakes you've made? 2011
• 《Slap Your Tax》, 2012

Dato Dr Ben Ng has provided consultancy and direction to publish two books for Total Business Holdings, featuring his students, who are market leaders in their own respective industries:
• 《成为第一名的真相》To be Number 1, 2014
• 《成为第一名的真相 卷二》To be Number 1, Vol 2, 2019

Dato Dr Ben Ng is also a regular contributor of columns in Malaysia's prominent Chinese newspapers, including Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nan Yang Siang Pau and Guang Hua Daily. He has also been a VIP guest on the TV1 Programme 《你怎么说》and AiFM 《爱生活》.

His most recent contribution is the introduction of a Tax Audit Software that can quickly identify taxation-related issues using technology.

Dr Kho Chng Guan has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. He started out as a negotiator, and soon mastered the skills of negotiation. Due to his positive, enthusiastic and sincere attitude, he quickly became a senior negotiator and team leader. To date, he has led and trained about 140 team leaders under his care.

In 2008, he began conducting workshops entitled 超级成功学 How to be successful, to share the sales skills and techniques that have helped him become a successful leader in a very short period of time.

Then, in 2013, Dr. Kho completed a Business Strategy Course conducted by Dato’ Dr Ben Ng, which equipped him with a thorough understanding of business management and planning. He made the decision to leave his previous company and founded Total Realty. Under his guidance, it steadily grew into a team of 200 negotiators within a short time span.

In 2016, he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Property Management.

Starting off his career as a sales and marketing executive, Json has been involved in different industries, from direct selling to retail and marketing electronic products to sports apparel. His experience in different industries and selling to different types of customers have helped shape his versatile character and deep understanding of different sales approaches and operational models.

He joined Dato Dr Ben’s business consultancy class in 2011, and it has been an eye opener for him to understand how a successful business should be structured, planned and how resources should be integrated to achieve lower costs and higher turnovers.

In 2013, he sold his share to his partner and started four new business ventures at the same time in heat transfer machines and material supplies,  personalised gifts, photobooth event teams and a WeChat marketing business. In 2017, these ventures were streamlined into one company – Total BrandMe, which provides branding solutions for SMEs during on-ground events and throughout online platforms.

Ms Angie Ng, the Managing Director of Total Corporate Secretary has been involved in the secretarial industry since 2007, first starting with accounting and tax, and is now known for her expertise in equity management.