Directors, general managers, senior management officers, senior executives , business owner, sole proprietor. Staff from account , tax department or division in a company. Any persons who want to improve in their taxation skills are welcome to attend the program.


This workshop will focus on how to prepare and submit your income tax returns. It will also highlight the common pitfalls, areas which will be audited and examined by IRB. Participants will not only benefit greatly from the practical cases discussed and examples illustrated, you will gain valuable techniques on ways to minimise tax exposure arising from any audit and investigation.


  1. Personal Relief, Deductions & Tax Rebates
  2. Tax Computation of Chargeable Income
  3. Filing of BE Form, B Form, E Form, P Form, CP58, HK Form
  4. Form CP 500 – From B Form to BE Form
  5. Joint & Separate Assessment
  6. PCB Scheduling
  7. Depreciation Scheduling
  8. Capital Allowances & Qualifying Expenditure
  9. P&L & Balance Sheet Computation for Individuals & Partners
  10. Business & Employment Income for Individuals



The course will be conducted through lecture, class participation and discussion, group dynamics, games, practical exercise and presentation.


Course Schedule & Registration: