Directors, general managers, senior management officers, senior executives , business owner, Sole Proprietor. Staff from customer service, sales, marketing department or division in a company. Any persons who want to improve in their marketing skills are welcome to attend the program.


With the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the program, the participant will able to use the ideas, concepts, and technique systematically to better handling objection and know what is the needed of their customers. The participants will have greater confidence to sell their products to anyone at anytime at anywhere.



  1. Knowing how to overcome your own fear
  2. Power of negotiation
  3. Clear with own company mission and vision
  4. Fact finding before doing any selling
  5. How to convince your prospect customer?
  6. How to bargain for a better deal?
  7. Method to handle objection
  8. Technique to close sales
  9. Using close end questions to close deals



The course will be conducted through lecture, class participation and discussion, group dynamics, games, practical exercise and presentation.


Course Schedule & Registration: