Directors, general managers, senior management officers, senior executives , business owner, sole proprietor, self employed,
key persons who are concern about the survival of the company and people they care.


The key objective in effective corporate financial planning is to identify the main factors in the organisation’s structure that dictate the opportunities for financial efficiency. Efficient financial planning can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability for your organization and as such increasing the return on investment and shareholder value.


Module 1: Malaysian Taxation

COURSE SUMMARY  (1st day) :

  1. Evaluate financial planning in the context of your business strategy.
  2. Learn effective financial planning strategies and preparation of Financial    Fitness Test (FFT).
  3. Translating financial planning strategies in to action plan to save potential time and cost.
  4. Cross Border financial planning in overseas business ventures.
  5. Law and new development.
  6. Transfer pricing strategy for your organization.
  7. Minimize potential risks while maximizing the profit.
  8. Analyzing the financial planning opportunities.
  9. Planning through self assessment.
  10. Gain better understanding of the planning process and technique that enable your organization to achieve maximum financial efficiency.


Module 2: Management Accounting


  1. Understanding the statutory duties of directors.
  2. Acting bona fide in the interests of the shareholders.
  3. Identifying grounds for personal liability.
  4. Assessing duties and responsibilities of directors towards creditors.
  5. Identifying the roles, functions and responsibilities of the board.
  6. Identifying the types of general meetings
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Extraordinary general meeting
  7. Understanding the rights and responsibilities of shareholders in relationto general meetings.
  8. Effectively aligning interests between the board and the management


Module 3: Corporate Law


  1. The comparison on the characteristics of type of business :
    • Sole Proprietor ship
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
  2. Introduction of Business succession planning for Sdn. Bhd.
  3. Understanding of your company/corporate risk protection and linked to company taxation
  4. Understanding of the benefits of your assets protection, assets distribution & etc.
  5. Better way to improve your company with effective strategies in line with your business expansion.
  6.  The importance of seeking for professional advice
  7. Special Resolutions:
    • 3/4 of member attendance
    • 21 days notice
    • Alternation on memorandum
    • Reduce Capital
    • Any other than Special Resolution is Ordinary Resolution


The course will be conducted through lecture, class participation and discussion, group dynamics, games, practical exercise and presentation.


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