Transforming Business

The Total Group’s business consulting services help clients to fine-tune their organizations for optimal performance that enables them to achieve business objectives and transform value to become agile, forward-thinking organizations that are ready for whatever the future may bring.

Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues and position them to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our core solutions are customized to our client’s specific industry, needs and scale:

Financial transformation management

Steeped in Total Group’s legacy of finance function experience, our financial management consultants work with financial executives who want to add value, save time, save money and leverage shared services. Through tailored solutions, we help keep your finance function moving forward to evolve from traditional transactions and reporting to more efficient, analytical and data-driven processes so it can provide timelier insights to decision-makers to drive strategy and meet business objectives.

Operations transformation

With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions and priorities, our management consultants will help you align your organization’s people, processes and technology, across functions, to reduce cost and increase revenue—from strategy to execution. Our management consultants work with you to transform customer experience, accelerate business performance, win the talent war and optimize your supply chain— all while helping you to embrace change and new ways of working.

Digital transformation & management

Bringing deep IT, digital, data strategy and project management experience and extensive knowledge of markets and customers, our digital transformation & management consultants can help you leverage legacy and emerging technologies to develop new technology-enabled approaches, models and roadmaps that support corporate decision-making, drive innovation and enable sustainable competitive advantage in your market.

Brand transformation & management

In this ever-changing digital age, social and digital marketing have become one of the most important ways to build brand awareness, brand considerations and brand affinity.

Our branding team understands that all industries work differently, and clients have specific business objectives. Therefore, we aim to provide targeted marketing plans for each of our clients that meet their business objectives and requirements, especially on digital and social platforms.


To transform Malaysia’s businesses from SMEs to world-class organisations


To be Malaysia’s No 1 Business Transformation Provider


Provide professional training to explore possibilities in accounting and auditing to empower a business’ long-term growth.


Restructure PPE to the best ROI for our clients.


Increase brand awareness and build brand affinity through technology.



Provide financing consultancy to personal and business owners to meet their goals and objectives.


Develop and manage human capital for economic organisational performance.


Increase business profits by lowering customer acquisition costs.

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