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Total Business Holdings Corporate Visit: A Plus Boss

Total Business Holdings 企业拜访A Plus Boss. 推动Total持续不断的安排各大企业拜访的动力,就是可以制造机会让各行各业的佼佼者,企业家,管理层及有野心的打工一族通过不同的企业拜访 - 交流,学习,提升,改进,突破。 #totalbusinessholdings  

A Plus Boss Corporate Visit

常聚在一起的七个朋友,平均收入就是你的潜在收入。平台在现今的社会扮演着举足轻重的角色,A Plus Boss 提供一个上流社会的交流平台,秉承着优者择优、富之教之的概念。 了解更多详情:http://aplusboss.com/ #totalbusinessholdings  


迈入第二十五个年头的《营商有道》课程毕业典礼Total Annual Conference,非常荣幸的有YB 黄思汉莅临晚宴与企业家们共聚一堂。 最感恩的是《营商有道》学生们纷纷觉得课程有助于他们掌控未来的事业发展蓝图,更上一层楼!  

Total Realty Korea-themed Award Night 2019

Total Realty just hosted a Korea-themed Award Night with hundreds of Total agents in attendance to acknowledge top performers in the first half of 2019. Themed as “To be number 1”, Total Realty introduced new accolades to reward and motivate up-and-coming agents. The gala dinner, following the recent Star Property event where Total Realty was […]

Total Group plans to be public listed in 3 years time

The Total Group is getting closer to realising our aim of becoming a one-stop Business Consultant Provider. We have recently announced plans to form a Holdings company, as a step to be public listed in 3 years time as a second board (service sector). Our expertise includes legal, finance and listed consultation; accounting, corporate secretarial, […]

Total Realty 4th Annual Dinner

Total Realty just celebrated 4th Annual Dinner and the “To Be Number 1” Award Night. Hundreds of Total agents gathered together for the evening. We were also honoured by the presence of Ms Sally Lye, the Managing Director of Maybank’s Real Estate Ventures Group Global Banking. It was a night filled with joy and happy […]